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The five new Clinical Research Units ed pills.

The five new Clinical Research Units, which have been approved as the first because the program was reformed in 2008, bringing the total number of Clinical Research Units established by the DFG since 2001 to 46 ed pills . They and August this year and August this year , and some of them have already started their work. The five newly established units are:.

Stimuli for clinical researchdirected DFG five new Clinical Research Units to the obvious challenges of medicineWith the establishment of five new Clinical Research Units the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft on a further boost hopes to give clinical research in Germany and drive progress in the scientific investigation and opportunities for the treatment of disease. Just like the existing Clinical Research Units, the newly established units also tightly link the fields of clinical research, applied research and basic research, it involved a substantial contribution to the development and enhancement of the scientific profile of medical schools. ‘In addition to this funding instrument also helps education of young scientists training of the young scientists,’said Dr. Petra Hintze from the DFG’s Life Sciences Division, is responsible for the Clinical Research Units.

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