• Home The Mammostrat test had its origins in transcriptomic measurement of tens of thousands of genes cheap tadacip.

The Mammostrat test had its origins in transcriptomic measurement of tens of thousands of genes cheap tadacip.

The Mammostrat test had its origins in transcriptomic measurement of tens of thousands of genes, but Clarient scientists developed a simplified clinical grade assay with a proteomic approach to screen hundreds of candidate markers on thousands of tissues. An optimal set of five biomarkers can were visualized directly on the tumor sample identified menu combined with a mathematical algorithm in a risk assessment for relapse after standard treatment. We believe Mammostrat enables a novel approach to the classification of tumors pathologists provide comprehensive pathological report at the time of diagnosis bring, said Ron Andrews, Clarient Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer cheap tadacip . – Mammostrat has now been validated in five studies involving more than 3,000 women, including comparable results in the same patient population to develop and test the leading breast cancer prognostic test on the market, Andrews, so. He added: From a commercial perspective Mammostrat the maturing the maturation of our breast cancer product line, strengthening our service offering to our customers pathology addition, our menu is based on proprietary tests to personalizing medicine and patients important information for management their disease their disease while maintaining a good quality of life .

Clarient Announces Publication of Mammostrat Breast Cancer Study in Breast Cancer ResearchClarient , a leading technology and services resource for pathologists, oncologists and the pharmaceutical industry, today announced that a manuscript is based on a study of Clarient Insigh Dx Mammostra, uses a test the risk the risk of recurrence of breast cancer after surgery and chemotherapy, is in an upcoming issue of Breast Cancer Research, a prominent peer-reviewed medical journal published. , which is currently, which is currently in provisional format at the journal’s Web site (under the title Mammostra as a tool to Breast Cancer Patients at Risk of recurrence during endocrine therapy Stratify. .

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