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The new probe could be a breakthrough in whole-body imaging allowing doctors.

The new probe could be a breakthrough in whole-body imaging – allowing doctors, for example, for non-invasive monitoring of the growth of tumors in order to evaluate the effectiveness of anti-cancer therapies. Unlike other body scanning techniques means fluorescent protein imaging with no radiation exposure or require the use of contrast agents. The results are described in the online edition of Nature Biotechnology.

Save A separate report of the International Vaccine Access Center at the Johns Hopkins University shows published that progress in the roll-out was interventions to control pneumonia uneven, health with the greatest recent progress in access to vaccines, but continued lack of access to supply and antibiotics in the countries where children are most vulnerable to pneumonia.. To overcome this hurdle, the laboratory of Vladislav Verkhusha, associate professor of anatomy and structural biology at Einstein and the study’s senior author, developed a fluorescent protein from a bacterial phytochrome . This new phytochrome-based fluorescent protein called iRFP absorbs and emits light in both the near-infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum – the spectral range in the mammalian tissues are nearly transparent.

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