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IGRT uses digitally reconstructed images of cure area to immediate radiation to a tumor. Images are taken during the treatment planning process and directly before a patient receives radiation then. Both images are transferred to a computer in the treatment room, allowing physicians to compare these images and adjust treatment accordingly to better target the malignancy while avoiding nearby healthful cells. Related StoriesInvestment in radiotherapy providers could save lives, boost overall economy in developing countriesUM SOM experts to initiate first scientific trial of GammaPod program in sufferers with early-stage breasts cancerLilly, ImaginAb partner to study potential novel T-cell-based immuno-oncology therapiesThe IGRT suggestions address the clinical implementation of IGRT, including personnel qualifications, quality assurance requirements and recommended documentation.23andMe recovering from health regulation setbacks WASHINGTON – – No Silicon Valley company better embodies the promise and the pitfalls of employed in health care than DNA testing company 23andMe. Launched in 2006 to a flurry of media coverage, the Mountain Watch, California-based company appeared to have every strategic benefit: millions in startup cash, superstar endorsements, and a leader married to 1 of the co-founders of Google. 23andMe CEO Anne Wojcicki laid out a bold plan to make genetic screening affordable to everyone, while simultaneously building a substantial archive of DNA outcomes for use in medical research.