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The study by Plotkin.

The study by Plotkin, Berkeley graduate student Hunter B. Scientists had also not previously effects of aging on effects of aging on the brains of humans and other primates. ‘suggests, the fact that chimpanzee the brains of age so different from our own, that makes our closest relatives to their brains differently than we use,’says Plotkin. ‘It appears that develop genome-wide patterns of aging very rapidly. ‘.

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Cerebellum and cerebral cortex age in very different waysResearchers have found that the two main areas of the brain seem to age in radically different ways: using the cortex in higher level thought extensive changes learns with age than the cerebellum, which regulates basic processes such as heartbeat, breathing and balance. On an analysis on an analysis of gene expression in various areas of human and chimpanzee brains, also shows that the two species brains differently differently. Despite their close evolutionary relationship.

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