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The TAXUS OLYMPIA results of Martyn Thomas.

Both Phase I and Phase III patients showed a wide range of lesion and procedural complexity, which saw ‘real world’usage patterns in everyday clinical practice. Population characteristics included a high proportion of diabetics , multi-vessel disease , small vessels defined and complex lesions . – ‘The OLYMPIA data from Phase I and III very positive, especially given the high level of patient and technical effort,’said Dr. The principal investigator for the OLYMPIA registry. ‘The results show consistency with other TAXUS clinical trials and registries, and build on the strong performance the TAXUS stents in complex lesions. Locations in 20 European countries..

The results were presented at the Cardiovascular Research Foundation announced the eighteenth annual Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics scientific symposium in Washington, DC.. 2,066 in complex patients and lesions from Olympia Registry Support Safety and efficacy of the TAXUS Liberte Stent SystemBoston Scientific Corporation today announced positive results from its global TAXUS OLYMPIA registry, supporting the safety and efficacy of the TAXUS Liberte Coronary Stent System in the real world patients.Tell Woolley and malonic, she and her co-authors ‘are to continue in any event for the research on this subject, ‘including studies of the facilities groups interact with line, and are ‘taking into account further study on gender about ‘ ‘Want to you believe your research has already a general principle indicative which like the whole adds up to at something identifies more than the sum of its parts as a Woolley, said:. ‘It really is calls into question our full understanding of what intelligence It is what individuals can to do of even are entirely fewer important; What’s more,.

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