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There were 53 percent more heart attacks in winter than in summer.

There were 53 percent more heart attacks in winter than in summer. January was the leader with twice as many heart attacks per day than July, the safest month. And winter heart attacks were more serious with a 9 percent mortality rate. Research results indicate that winter heart attacks produce more damage to the heart muscle than in any other season. – The Harvard Men’s Health Watch, a number of factors the increased the increased seasonal risks, among them suggests:.

Narrowed vessels also mean an increase in blood pressure, the extra burden on the heart.In colder climates, people tend to exercise less, related dip and snow and ice are common. Another weather-related problem: snow shovels. Shoveling snow is heavy exercise, the heart of those who normally can not taxed active.. Studies have shown that cholesterol peak in the winter months. – Affect A fat holiday meal with relaxation of arteries and also activate the coagulation system, which can spell trouble for people with coronary heart disease – Holiday Happenings. In addition, excess alcohol consumption increase blood pressure and contribute to heart rhythm abnormalities.

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