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To the survey, only 2 % of the programs that start because of youth demand for cessation programs and less than 1 % reported parental demand.Interpreting data from national surveys that kids want to quit using tobacco, according to Curry, but they may not realize that their chances are much better to stop when they are treated. Research has shown that cognitive behavioral strategies to help smokers give the best success when quitting, said Curry, and the programs we surveyed used these strategies. .

Slutsky, Dolev and Abramov, authors of the paper also Hilla Fogel and Eyal Ruff of TAU the Sackler Faculty of Medicine, and Giuseppe Ciccotosto the University of Melbourne in Australia.. The survey found that the majority of training of people who were asked a treatment available specifically for smoking cessation counseling. – Said, ‘The bad news is that we have less of these programs in low-income and rural communities where it found higher youth smoking is ‘curry.

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