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UNFPA Executive Director Babatunde Osotimehin writes.

When a young lady gets an scholarly education, has the charged power to delay her first pregnancy, and is healthy and equipped with the proper opportunities and skills, she holds the key to unlocking most of the world’s most pressing problems: reducing maternal and kid death, halting the spread of HIV, breaking the cycle of poverty, advancing gender equality and propelling countries’ social and economic development.’ He concludes, ‘It is my sincere wish that all young people, including adolescent girls, are certain to get the needed opportunities to understand their potential and to live fulfilling, healthful lives’ .Approximately 93 percent of accidental injuries occurred at home. The amount of acute computer-related accidental injuries increased by 732 percent over the 13-year research period, which is a lot more than dual the increase in household computer ownership . Injury mechanisms included striking or catching on computer equipment against; tripping or falling over computer equipment; computer equipment falling along with the patient; and the straining of muscle groups or joints.