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Wednesday a consumer group alleged.

A California customer group says major insurers coerced employees to lobby The country’s two largest health insurers have been pressuring employees to lobby against healthcare reform in Congress in violation of a California rules against coerced political activity, wednesday a consumer group alleged, the Los Angeles Times reports. The combined group, Customer Watchdog, alleged in a letter to California’s lawyer general that WellPoint and UnitedHealth pressured workers to create their elected officials, attend city hall meetings and enlist friends and family to ensure an overhaul that fits their interests. A UnitedHealth executive stated in an internet message to workers that they could contact an advocacy specialist in the business’s lobbying arm for assistance on how to become involved, including during function hours.Sassi, president of WellPoint’s consumer business, said in his letter to Ms. Sebelius that the increase just affects the individual marketplace, about 10 percent of its business in California. He stated that despite an overall profit, the company, which does business as Anthem Blue Cross, suffered a 2009 loss in that market in California. Mr. Sassi also said prices are rising because healthful people are choosing not to buy coverage through the economic slowdown, departing a sicker pool of customers. He said requiring people to buy health insurance would mitigate the problem’ .’ The report discovered that ‘the five biggest insurance companies had an average profit last year of 5.2 billion.