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When the paper is paper for diagnosisCheap.

Whitesides and his team at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts now have a prototype for a new class of low-cost, convenient rapid tests which carry out various perform various biological tests to be developed simultaneously on a single drop. As they describe in the journal Angewandte Chemie, their tests tiny tiny pieces of paper on which defined, millimeter-sized channels.. When the paper is paper for diagnosisCheap, quick and very convenient: Photoprinted paper supports simultaneous microscale diagnostic testsTesting biological fluids such as blood and urine for diagnostics and routine checks.

To produce this, highly absorbent paper is treated with a photosensitive with a mask with a mask , which is the negative of the desired pattern. When the paper is irradiated with UV light through to change to change the molecules of the photosensitive coating, protein concentrations. Heating converts them to a continuous polymer layer. The untreated coating under the mask while the washed away, while the polymer layer on the irradiated areas This system enables the to the paper. This system enables the researcher a tiny system of channels from one another produce separated by channel walls of the water-repellent polymer.Will benefit can be used The potential prevent potentially dangerous blood clots at recover surgical patients may be some patient immobilized with acute medical illnesses, doctors have Used at a multi-institutional studies.

– clots in these regions are generally larger and are a better chance to break down away and travel into the lung where it can cause a potentially fatal pulmonary embolus, Yusen said.. One of the most important rules Clinical Trials emphasizes that the volunteers have to the appropriate information have adequate information the study based. Meet Great care taken and arrangements before testing on human volunteers to ensure predefined criteria medically and corporeal suited to start using pre-specified criteria.

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