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With only a few clicks.

With only a few clicks, users can up-to – date information on the clinical significance of specific mutations.Here’s how it works: A doctor receives tumor profiling results from the lab showing a mutation in a specific gene. The doctor remembers a little about the gene this this result very often, as it is relatively rare.

Seek Instead of a large amount of literature, the doctor at VICC My My Cancer Genome tool and will find the latest will find the latest information about the clinical implications of the gene, either by reading the summary version or dipping further the primary literature via web links. Online tool recommend treatment available available or refer the patient to a clinical trial testing a targeted therapy for this gene.– training of all employees at of the provision of resuscitation with a automated external defibrillators. The idea here is survival the chances of survival of man associated with cardiovascular events. Source: European Society of Cardiology , AlphaGalileo Foundation.

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